Switzerland | St. Moritz and Pontresina

Very belated. But better late than never…

After Zurich, we took the train down to St. Moritz…

…for a visit to Kulm Hotel.

Afternoon tea once (the traditional)…

…and then again the next day (the Engadine).

Pizza and fontina and truffles and many good things.

But the thing that made me happiest was finding La Gruyère double cream (remember from this post??) at the breakfast table!!! Good joy.

Some mornings I had it with other cheeses. Meringue on the side.

Other days, piled over the meringue.

And sometimes over meringue and under berries. Makes me so happy just to remember this.

On other days, warming meals of fondue at Chesa al Parc. Starting with a hot consommé.

Rösti, oh yes.

For the fondue: bread and…

…air dried beef.

Boiled new potatoes.

Three cheeses for this fondue: Gruyère, Vacherin, and Emmental.

Almost there…

…first bite.

Then to Grandhotel Kronenhof in Pontresina.

First things first, afternoon tea…

…they offer three types: Classic, Engadine, and Vital afternoon tea.

Decadent dinners…

…until late night.

And peaceful mornings at the breakfast table.

Early afternoon at the pool…

…and hours spent wandering around the property.

Canard à la presse at Kronenstübli. How could you not?

Till we meet again ^-^

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  • Kaelle Bee
    July 13, 2017

    This looks amazing

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