Tai Pan: Lunchtime Shots

Monday, 1:00pm at Tai Pan

Chives Wrapped in Mochi, Pan-Fried

Taro Gok (Deep-Fried Minced Pork Stuffed Taro)

Scallop Cheung Funn

Preserved Duck Egg & Pork Jook

Law Book Gow

Deep Fried Shrimp with Sweet Mayo

Siu Mai

Steamed Scallops, Pork and Chives

Lotus Root and Salted Egg Wrapped in Flaky Pastry, Baked

Vegetarian Cheung Funn

Fish, Crab, & Shitake Mushrooms Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin

Steamed Crab and Vegetables

Steamed Shrimp Balls

Warm Tripe

Baked Nai Wong Bao

Egg White Dan Tat

Tai Pan Dim Sum

100 N. Beretania St #167

Honolulu, HI 96817

(808) 599-8899

  • fkbloona
    June 22, 2008

    I can see why that’s one of the must go place in Hawaii… all the food looks so good…so envious

  • K & S
    June 22, 2008

    gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten here!! will have to remedy that the next time I go home.

  • Ellie
    June 22, 2008

    ohmygod, that all looks AMAZING

  • Kathy YL Chan
    June 22, 2008

    Hey Fkbloona!Pretty awesome huh? I personally believe it’s the best dim sum spot in Hawai’i :)…though many others prefer Legends right nearby…Hey Kat!Never?! oh man, you totally must! Right in the middle of the chinatown cultural plaza :)Hey Ellie!Not only is the food amazing…so are the prices! The dishes range from only $2-$4 a plate! ^_^

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