Taiwan | Tearroir and Graci in the Kitchen

The first time I attend a tea dinner was in 2011. It was exquisite and I’ve wanted to attend (or host!) another since. 

Little did I know I was in for such a treat at Graci’s home in Taipei last month. David and Austin said we were having dinner at a friend’s place…with each course created to pair with one of their teas. How amazing is that?

We started with drinks of gin infused with Tearroir’s Classic Earl Grey, and sat down to hearty bowls of roasted squash and cauliflower soup. The soup was topped with coriander and fresh yogurt….

…and paired with Healthy Body Pu’erh. 

Next, a salad laced with honey-balsamic figs, roquefort, pancetta, and pine nuts…

…to go with Tearroir’s Gangnam Green.

Buttery pastry pockets stuffed with chicken and mushrooms…

…the rich, creamy flavors cut with Wild Assam tea.

For dessert, masala-infused custard tarts topped with a honeyed pistachio and date crumble. We devoured these with Tearroir’s Masala Chai Special Blend…

…and there was more! 

A cheese plate served with Majestic Darjeeling…

…and macadamia nut and dark chocolate crackers dusted with matcha. Graci put up a recipe video here…all crunchy and buttery with dark caramel, sweet and salty. Highly addictive.

Cheers to new friends and delicious adventures ^_^

  • Austin
    January 8, 2014

    Had so much fun eating and drinking all of this :) Thanks for the lovely write up and shots, Kathy!

  • Austin
    January 8, 2014

    And cheers to new friends, indeed!

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