Taiwan | YEN at W Taipei

Lunch for two at YEN inside the W Taipei ^_^

Most hotels keep the top floor of the property for penthouse suites, but W Taipei made it into a restaurant so that everyone can take advantage of the views…

…which are nothing short of spectacular. Half of the floor is devoted to YEN, and the other half to private dining and YEN Bar (where we did afternoon tea).

Shall we begin?

The first photo in this post is YEN’s signature dish, pumpkin bisque with black truffles and steamed crab-shrimp paste. The bisque is made with duck broth, so extra intense!

A little dim sum trio, clockwise from top: prawns with bamboo shoots, garoupa with water chestnuts, and prawns with amaranth greens.

Roast kurobuta pork belly and jellyfish followed by…

…braised cabbage with wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Double boiled black chicken soup with fish stomach…

…and fried cod with snap peas and peppers.

And the final savory dish, fried rice with shrimp and black truffles. 

Fresh fruit and a shot of sour plum liquor…

….another pot of dong ding oolong.

Time for dessert!

One piping hot dan tat, super flaky and just the right size.

Lemongrass crystal jelly with aloe vera….remind me to try make this at home.

Next time, we’ll have to return for the roast duck ^-^

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