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This post is for my grandma who asked, so what did you do every day in Taipei?

One morning (after that day in Yilan), I met David and Austin of Tearroir for lunch at Ooh Cha Cha, a super cute vegan cafe. I had a sautéed mushroom sandwich with pesto, tomatoes, and alfalfa on toasted whole wheat. 

To drink, a masala chai latte (using Tearroir’s teas!) with oat milk. Can’t wait to return for the soy matcha latte.

We shared raw desserts like matcha cookies made with almonds, oats, maple syrup, ginger, and lemon…

…and a creamy, soft cacao pie ^_^

After lunch we went to this street filled with stores that sold packaging supplies. I was in heaven! Serious heat seal machines, tea tins, and all the bags and pouches you could imagine. Needless to say I ended up getting another suitcase to carry everything back to NYC. We also went to look at prototypes for their new tea packaging…which looks amazing! More to come on this soon. 

And then David and Austin took me to visit Shifu

…where getting tea drunk was inevitable. And awesome. 

It was the tieguanyin that did me in, crazy how tea can have that sort of effect on you.

Then it was time for dinner…at Din Tai Fung! Sautéed string beans…

…and those (justly) famous soup dumplings. 

Hot and sour soup…

…and shrimp dumplings followed by…

…sautéed cabbage (I love cabbage!)…

…and fried pork chop over fried rice.

For dessert, steamed thousand layer cakes…

…and red bean dumplings. 

During dinner Austin mentioned something about cupcakes, and so…how could we not?

Here we are at Twelve Cupcakes.

One for each! I had the peanut butter and jelly.

And then we got cocktails at Parkside BarTea cocktails to be specific.

Ending the night one with one perfect (Tearroir) matcha-based cocktail ^_^

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  • RCT
    January 11, 2014

    Hot and sour soup is soooo delicious!!! It’s a dish many of my friends/family have yet to try, but always end up loving once they do! It never fails to serve as an excellent appetizer :)

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