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Another super breakfast in Taipei

I woke up at 6am nearly every morning to explore the back streets, watch the city wake up and…eat breakfast. Someone should start a Taipei street breakfast blog! The eating options are endless. I found this woman in the Xinyi district, manning a giant steamer of sticky rice. What could she possibly be making?

Fan tuan, huzzah!! I queued up, number five behind three people on mopeds and another on foot. My Mandarin isn’t the best so when it came to ordering, I pointed said, I’ll have what she had

Luckily that girl knew how to order. A little of everything/ She pressed sticky rice flat on the plastic bag and crushed up a super crisp you tiao, covered it with yuk si/pork floss, smashed in a shoyu boiled egg, pickled this and preserved that. Then a quick twist of the hand and voilĂ  a giant sticky rice roll. It was glorious…

…and made even better with dou jiang from the guy around the corner. 

I found a bench somewhere nearby and ate and ate. I love Taipei!

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