Taiwan | W Taipei

Hop on a plane, off we go! Let’s take a look inside W Taipei.

I first visited this property briefly back in September and returned again in November. Location, people, food, everything. It’s one of my favorite hotels in the city.

We can start in the lobby…

…and head upstairs to the check-in floor…

….where you’ll also find The Kitchen Table

…and WOOBAR.

Right outside is the pool…which turns into an ice skating rink during the winter months. 

Best poolside table in the house ^_^

Now let’s head to the spa

Aside from the actual treatment, my favorite part of a spa visit is the before (chrysanthemum and berries)…

…and after (warm ginger) drinks. Mainly because they’re always tea-oriented ;)

Ahh feels so good. 

Ok before we head to our rooms, let’s check out YEN (here’s lunch!)…

…and afternoon tea at YEN BAR (full post here). 

All ready to settle in. Let’s slip on the bathrobe…

…and make a cup tea (they offer Revolution Tea in the rooms)…

…to go with a few sweet and savory nibbles.

And then…

…how quickly the evening arrives!

Till next time  ^_^

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