Tea and Cheese Pairings

16345250183_b12d5a6aec_cHappy Tuesday ^-^

A few weeks ago I met with Ashley (she coordinates educational classes at Murray’s Cheese in NYC). I brought the teas and she did the cheese (happily we had access to an endless variety of cheese from Murray’s). It made for an amazing afternoon.

We found that the best pairings enhanced both the tea and cheese, but also introduced a new, third flavor that wasn’t there before. An oolong and aged gouda revealed honey notes that neither the tea or cheese had on it’s own. Darjeeling and Comté brought out the flavor of roasted chestnuts…

I wrote an article for Eater about how to best pair the two. Like wine and cheese, once you establish a general guideline for tea and cheese, the fun is in experimenting and finding unexpected pairings. I have a soft spot for the odd, curious combos that make you think, whoa, that’s pretty neat ^-^

So! Head to this post for general guidelines and see below for our seven favorite pairings from the day:

16757974627_006ae3d84b_c1. White Peony and Fresh Ricotta

16939409496_32ef3c57a0_c2. Longjing and Flory’s Truckle (clothbound cheddar)

16777855330_a296483668_c3. Jin Xuan and Ewephoria (sheep milk gouda)

16777664678_6de342b251_c4. Tieguanyin and Fromager d’Affinois

16779129209_ec659c9e5d_c5. Jin Jun Mei and Chiriboga Blue

16345250183_b12d5a6aec_c6. Pu’erh + Aged Goat Gouda

16779136189_d051163deb_c7. Matcha + Tomme Crayeuse


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