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27004350354_e2f406e746_cReady for a new edition of Tea at Three? ^-^

27250207173_923afccb29_cJo Malone London just launched the Rare Teas Collection. It’s a set of six scents, each inspired by a select tea.

27005466343_5d88d03640_cWe celebrated with cold-brewed teas (six types to match each scent)…

27541639591_975d7fd495_c…bowls and baskets of the sweetest strawberries and cherries and…

27581011016_f15e9e763c_c…Kristy’s madelines (classic and tonka bean-cocoa). Served with strawberry-rose compote.

27337785000_5da21c4252_cI often forget how simple and wonderful cold-brew tea can be, especially during summer.

Filtered water, great tea (thanks, Sebastian)…hard to go wrong. I steeped these right before dinner. Eight hours later, I strained and bottled them before going to sleep. The colors! So soothing.

27005467563_a52236e54e_cYou can see the full collection of scents here.

27515152552_23b0934dd8_cHere’s the pairing breakdown of scents and cold-brew teas:

  • Silver Needle with Silver Needle
  • Darjeeling | 1st flush Darjeeling from Margaret’s Hope Estate
  • Jade Leaf | Sencha
  • Oolong | Dong Ding Oolong
  • Midnight Black | 2nd flush Darjeeling from Namring Upper Estate
  • Golden Needle | Pu’erh Leaf

27541639281_f0d0f975ca_cMy favorite from the collection? Darjeeling, for sure.

27515144352_c31fd159f0_cAnd this Lie SangBong jumpsuit felt just right for a weekend afternoon.

27337783120_a987a0a131_cDon’t forget to check out the posts from Jee, Kristy, and Alice. Till next time ^-^

In collaboration with Jo Malone London

Clothing: Lie SangBong • Gallery: Blank Space • Tea: In Pursuit of Tea 


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