Tea at Three | Sunday at Kristy’s

26196883346_442383dd48_cSunday afternoon.

26052019332_8eb9c6ed75_cTea at three…

25618823983_cf20821d57_c…for four ^-^

25541849773_c9c60bd14b_cWe gathered at Kristy’s apartment one spring-ish afternoon…

25616730804_3b545cbfa1_c…hi, Kristy!

26052023132_0be5e2e911_cCheck out all the prep.

25541854653_df0888aeba_cI think we all snuck a few savories (how could you not)…

26118527946_937e10978a_c…while setting up the tea station.

25539722164_e12a8bfb7b_cWe drank teas from Silver Needle Tea Co.

26078131201_54f087f3fa_c…white peony, sencha, da hong pao (the group favorite), and a wuyi black.

26078151801_304c31f8f1_c_editedHi, Jee!

25541857153_85503c16d0_cHere’s Kristy plating…

26052018532_92d64f0d02_c…we used Mud Australia for all the dishes and teaware (these are the teapots and tea cups).

25541859373_594dfb04b0_cKristy’s apartment is pretty much an Instagram dream.

25541828303_7c464acd8b_cHi, Alice!

25541859013_5672407cae_cAre you ready to eat? Let’s start with the savories.

25871607730_057e4c64ec_cCucumbers, avocado, and herbs on rye (Breads Bakery)

25539704874_659e1e24ff_cRadishes, cultured butter, and sea salt on sourdough (Breads Bakery)

26118529326_5aa8748dae_cEgg, ramps, and pea shoots on brioche (Balthazar Bakery)

26144470545_2798b7f428_cHam, cheese, and cornichons on Epi (Maison Kayser). Super random epi fact. All the “ears” for epi baked at NYC Maison Kayer locations on the west side point west. All the ones baked on the east side have “ears” pointing east. And for the Bryant Park location (which is in the center), the ears alternate between east and west. Mind blown o_O

26144490125_f6bba91625_cAnd the scones! Still warm from the oven…

26118528886_c97abf3d5f_c…fig, almonds, and vanilla. Served with Devonshire cream and blackberry jam.

26078153931_bee63bfe12_cAnother pot of tea…

26144481975_81939abb7e_c…a little break (all of our clothing was from LIE )…and sweets.

26118528656_36de628340_cItty bitty Meyer lemon tarts…

25871607170_4c64043c92_c…and the most tender Sicilian pistachio cake (with a bit of rose water…bliss!)

26144489295_82c92c179d_cIt was a pretty great afternoon.

26118531126_d06af303a3_cTill next time ^-^

Tabletop: Mud Australia @ 91 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012 • Clothing: LIE (use code: KYLC for 10% off online orders, valid till 4/30) • Tea: Silver Needle Tea Co. (use code: KYLC for 10% off online orders, valid till 4/30)


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