Thailand | Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

15353682911_de2114e71a_c (1)Down in southern Thailand is a town called Krabi…

15170296248_192892f389_c…and on the west side of Krabi is a place called Phulay Bay.

15356502802_b9d8fe52e6_cIt’s the very first Ritz-Carlton Reserve property (the second is Dorado Beach, and a bunch more are coming next year).

15358526712_089a940125_cThe villas are gigantic, and each bed could easily fit five.

15170288848_b7e3aecce1_cAnd though it’s tempting to sleep in…

15170257758_76830314a2_c…don’t miss breakfast ^-^

15353680851_6e091d9361_cBecause that’s when you’ll find tons of local fruits (mangosteen! pitaya! papaya! all with a squeeze of lime)…

15356850155_a0318f1837_c…and southern dishes like this hearty, sweet Thai spinach fried with eggs and fish sauce. Best with a big bowl of rice ^-^

15353667331_66297fc95c_cJust as important as breakfast are fruit/herb tisanes created on property. Like bael fruit tea…

15170089069_3c4e45e250_c…and another made of steeped roselle. Super tart and bright.

15356848305_36c3a1849c_cPandan and honey shots are offered at breakfast…

15170166990_6c022df6ed_c…and Phulay Bay’s signature tea is one that combines sweet ginger with a blend of herbs.

15356834925_b4118a48f5_cThe spa has a raw bar (ideal way to unwind post-treatment) featuring cold-brewed safflower and chrysanthemum

15353656921_f1c41f4c6d_c…don’t worry, I made sure to take notes for brewing/drinks recipes. Will share them soon ^-^


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