The Study at Yale

29449041744_2d9f237302_cThe last time I stopped in New Haven was en route to Maine. We had sweets in the Bronx and dinner in Pound Ridge. We checked into The Study at Yale close to midnight and left early the next morning. It was a mini layover.

I returned last month, and this time I came with no agenda aside from eating, exploring and getting some quiet time. The Saturday morning train left from Grand Central. I arrived early and picked up a cinnamon bun (with cardamom!) from Great Northern Food Hall. Two hours later, a quick cab ride from the train station and I was checked into my room The Study at Yale.

First things first, brunch! A seat at the bar of Heirloom for oysters and a beautifully made Last Word. No better way to settle in….

29782257260_7d69ba1fec_cNext, a curly endive caesar laced with pecorino, olive oil breadcrumbs, and anchovies.

29963004282_0fd2f08632_cFor dessert, hot caramel-apple doughnuts! These were wild, super crisp on the outsider, all tender insider. Five to an order, dotted with apple bits and rolled in sugar. How heady. Honey and vanilla anglaise on the side.

29448980054_c66e2c9988_cThen, time for some reading and a nap before…

29448939154_e10ae116df_c…a walk around town for ice cream at Arethusa Farm Dairy. Two scoops in a waffle cone. Coconut chocolate chip on the bottom and mint chocolate chip on top.

30042839846_5579ce3453_cAn early dinner at Miya’s…

29993425411_ab85f28dd0_c…I tried a bunch of little things. This was the Wild Plant Nigiri. Left to right: dandelion, Japanese knotweed, shiso, wild lettuce, mugwort, and mint. Interesting.

29993416091_de86c2f148_cA later dinner at BAR. Mashed potato pizza with extra garlic. So good. Next time I’ll try the same with bacon. One big, cold Coke on the side. I love pizza so much. This was the last spot on my list…I went to Modern Apizza on the way back from Maine. And visited Sally’s Apizza and Frank Pepe’s on the trip before. I can’t decide on a favorite but I think it is ok to love them all.

29448933274_4309879a64_cLouis Lunch is never open when I’m in town (fingers crossed for the next trip).

30376750332_235a15f541_cA long shower, bathrobe, books in bed …

30406606111_e94793cb0f_c…and up the next morning to finish some writing. Coffee break at Blue State (I like the 84 Wall Street location).

30406655001_905f2f3145_cBreakfast at Heirloom. This is the kale fritatta topped with milled tomatoes, a glorious mound of burrata and sunflower seeds.

29861193133_54daa1c8e1_cAnd one buttermilk blueberry pancake. Butter and maple syrup. Classic. Always need one savory dish and one sweet dish.

29861191913_2fd1ec8fdd_cA visit to the Beinecke Rare Book Library

30376648042_d32045b869_c…so lucky to come on a sunny day and see the light stream though the marble.

30406636841_415ebd90aa_cA magical place.

30456916316_529472c16a_cEarly afternoon…

30376748462_88b7d6ff85_c…and one Shake Shack burger before the train ride home ^-^

  • maiastras
    November 27, 2016

    Louis Lunch has my favorite burgers – they have these special cast-iron ovens just for cooking the patties. I highly recommend the potato salad : )

    • Kathy YL Chan
      December 3, 2016

      I’ll have to make it back soon again! :)

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