Tisane Trolleys in Monaco

Yesterday we checked out the afternoon tea trolley from Hôtel Metropole. And today we have…

…tisane trolleys!

These arrive at the end of every grand meal in Monaco, bright and lively with pots of fresh herbs. Sage! Mint! Thyme! Peppermint! Verbena! You can pick any herb you desire, do a blend of different herbs…

…or have the server put together a brilliant combination. He’ll ask, how do you feel? Then you can say, super stuffed or very content or I’m about to fall asleep (aka food coma). Depending on your answer he’ll customize a tisane. 

On one occasion I had rosemary-thyme and on another it was lemon-verbena with mint and a kiss of sage. 

The trick to making fresh tisanes potent/bold…

…is not just to steep herbs in hot water but to muddle it. You really want to get in there, and extract all you can from the herbs. Then strain and serve. 

Preferably from a gold kettle ;) 


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