Tokyo | Hakuza Nihonbashi

15906220664_1d21ecdf35_cA little gem found at Hakuza Nihonbashi.

15908641203_ec97fb69b5_cWe first discovered Hakuza when visiting Tokyo last October.

15906234984_525126da07_cWhen we came back to Tokyo in January, Hakuza was one of the few repeat stops made…

16342877697_ff43e2a21f_c…to restock on gold flakes (for matcha) and sit for an afternoon of matcha and wagashi.

16527772902_f71da2cf7f_cAnd then that’s when we spotted the gold chasaku

15908623893_ea9bb20819_c…all at once simple and spectacular (more about the chasen in the next post)…

16342874907_fccfe3d1c1_c…dipped in gold. Thank you to Allen for shooting these photos ^-^

16280884198_9ce548790f_cHere’s a peek inside the shop…

15846069954_ae8d4d41bb_c…everything from the pouches to notebooks and sweets come accented with gold.

16468580835_26bb48f237_cThe back of the retail shop has a small sit-down area where you can order…

15846068984_30590b1d91_c…matcha and wagashi sets…

16468581545_854d89f4b8_c…which come with a tiny glass of chilled hojicha.

16282694797_ca62215ba9_cThis wagashi was filled with sweet plums and azuki beans…

16466844231_3b4c622887_c…while the skin on this one was most sublime…like warabi mochi meets gelée!

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  • Steph W
    February 26, 2015

    Wow! Gorgeous! Not too opulent but just enough to feel special.

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