Tokyo | Higashiya Ginza

An afternoon visit to Higashiya for wagashi…

It’s been awhile since the last visit! Remember the persimmon leaf tisane and that crazy good warabi mochi?

A quartet of four favorites. I always intend to save these sweets for tea, but end up devouring them all the minute I’m back in the hotel room. No point in trying to resist.

If I could have only one, it would be this date, stuffed with fermented butter and a single roasted walnut. Need to find out where they make/get that butter from. It is divine.

This one features a cube of butter (it’s all about the butter!) rolled in black sesame seeds and then wrapped in sweet potato-white bean paste.

Raisins steeped in brown sugar and shochu, then wrapped in matcha-bean paste.

Brandy jelly wrapped in mashed chestnut paste.

I should have bought more ^-^


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