Tokyo | Sakurai

A tasting (gyokuro, a seasonal blended tea, hojicha, matcha, wagashi) at Sakurai…

First, the gyokuro…

…steeped once and served with azuki beans.

Steeped once more and served with kinako-chocolate.

A third steep, this time with ice and orange…

…shake and strain…

…and presented with a side of the steeped leaves (and a bit of ponzu) to eat.

Next, select one from the set of seasonal blended teas (sencha and hojicha)….

…the tea gets roasted in the back room. The warm, nutty notes of roasting tea is one of my favorite scents the world.

Brewed once, served with tsukemono.

To pair with the second steep, select from a collection of wagashi (all from Higashiya).

Remember these dates stuffed with fermented butter and walnuts? I need to figure out how to make this in NYC.

A break, then whisk, whisk…

…for matcha.

Then off to dinner (almond croissants from Du Pain et Des Idées, avocado/matcha gelato at Glaciel, Takazawa Bar and pizza at Savoy) ^-^

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