The Top 5 Places for Afternoon Tea in Hawai’i

The afternoon tea scene in Hawai’i is good. Really good. 

It’s so different from all the other afternoon tea services in the US. Afternoon tea in Hawai’i has a distinct Asian influence and instead of glamorous tea parlors we have tea on breezy verandas. Tea just steps from the Pacific Ocean, with palms trees to your left, someone playing the ukulele to the right. And always excellent service. Idyllic, yes. And totally true. I’ve been going to afternoon tea for the better part of my life, and finally put together this Serious Eats post on the Top 5 Places for Afternoon Tea in Hawai’i. Four of the five spots are on Oahu and one is on Lana’i. Wish Maui and the Big Island would get to work on afternoon tea services…there’s so much potential!

The Top 5 (in no particular order): 

The Veranda at The Kahala Hotel ($28)

Koele Lodge at the Four Seasons Lana’i ($21)

The Veranda at Moana Surfrider  ($32.50)

Tea at 1024  ($20)

The Veranda at Halekulani Hotel ($32)

  • Albert Hwa
    August 6, 2013

    I’m sure the relaxing pace of life there adds to the tea experience. The prices are so low (compared to NYC)!

    • Kathy YL Chan
      August 12, 2013

      HI Albert! Isn’t that crazy? And for the most part, the afternoon tea services in Hawai’i are often better than the ones in NYC…

  • Su-Lin
    August 8, 2013

    $20 is quite a good deal, especially when you realise that it’s normally about 35 or above here in London!

    • Kathy YL Chan
      August 12, 2013

      Hi Su-Lin! For sure! Afternoon tea in Hawaii is complete bargain when compared to both NYC and London ^_^

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