Vivienne Tam, Fall 2012

Vivienne Tam Fall 2012 show. From beginning to end. So amazing to watch set-up…

…to rehearsal…

…people slowly arriving…

…filling up, filling up…

…ready for the show…

…which is over before you know it.

Thrilled to experience some wonderful moments behind the scenes and watch the show come together. This particular one was produced by Lynne O’Neill, the city’s top fashion show producer…who happens to be a local girl from Hawai’i! I recently met Lynne for the first time and she is amazing. Read this Star Bulletin article about how she got started with her career, and you’ll want to watch this video as well. Inspiring.

  • ParisBreakfasts
    February 16, 2012

    Whoa!what a coupso much time spent and tearing of hair.And then it's over so quickly -fashion shows!

  • anonymous
    February 21, 2012

    It is so true…over before you know it! Loved your post :)-From the offices of Vivienne Tam

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