Weekend in Bariloche | Patagonia, Argentina

22120929856_950b86d062_cWe flew from NYC to Buenos Aires. Then BA to BRC. And then drove another two hours to Bariloche. Patagonia, at last!

It was a quick weekend visit that involved provoleta at every meal, and reading books while bundled in soft dresses and scarves. Never thought I’d get a chance to visit Patagonia, but very grateful I did.

22157246251_63b3e06672_cWe stayed at Correntoso Lake & River Hotel…

22134505382_50603cc5fb_c…here’s a peek at the property driving in. So magical!

21959030890_a7b68f5113_cThe rooms faced out towards the Andes…

21526287723_d6947b23e1_c…and this is the view we woke up to each morning. That body of water is Lago Nahuel Huapi.

21524611254_46f716c073_cOutdoor activities are the primary draw for visitors to Patagonia, but I was mainly interested in Patagonian food. Think hearty, grilled meats (deer, lamb, boar), local trucha/trout (pictured)…

22134854102_a85882177a_c…smoked and cured meats….

22157332261_371ba49387_c…and provoleta!! Every restaurant has their own version, but I loved the one at the hotel best. Inch-tall wedges of provoleta (an Argentine type of provolone) grilled and served with mushrooms, paper-thin and smoky bacon. Chimichurri all over the top. Devour immediately, when the outside is still super crisp, and inside, warm and tender. House baked bread on the side.

21960227139_0f99205470_cWe also had our share of dreamy steaks (bloody! charred!), potatoes (grilled over an open fire, topped with chimichurri) and malbec. Nothing more satisfying in the cold weather ^-^

21959571918_fec28df089_cBreakfast was lighter…

21959575778_81ed28996b_c…aka housemade dulce de leche smothered on toast.

21959598868_ea7c0eebc5_c (1)And then there were late morning strolls….

21958894890_cfba248f2c_c…early afternoon naps…

23538812571_4c2ede3a12_c…and lots of reading indoors.

21959250010_d283f2b40b_cDon’t forget about afternoon tea (which takes place between 5-7pm…more in the next post). [Update: afternoon tea post here]

22147007245_50429a2e74_cNot sure when I’ll be back…

22147386105_c6209e4a15_c…but I hope it will be soon ^-^


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