• Merna
    December 19, 2008

    Mana Bu is a great place for airplane food, but you have to go early before things are sold out; it’s a lovely little place. When I visited in Sept (from L.A.) we stopped twice, once on the way to the airport. The new WFM was fun too.I’m so glad you’re “home” for a visit, Kathy — love reading your Honolulu posts and getting ideas for my next time there.

  • anonymous
    December 19, 2008

    Hawaii posts!I have yet to go to Mama Bu but it is definately on my food radar. As far as Whole Foods goes I’m pretty sure that you know that everything is better in Hawaii ;)KCC Farmers Market tomorrow?Alan from Makiki

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 21, 2008

    Hey Merna!Agreed – Mana Bu’s the perfect pre-airport stop. I’ve already marked it down on my list of places to pick up snacks for the plane ride back to NYC :)Hey Alan!Oh man, the KCC Farmers Market was awesome. I can’t believe how crowded it’s gotten – it’s pretty much a major tourist attraction…50/50 locals/tourists…they were out of fried green tomatoes, but I made sure to pick up my favourite potato and onion focaccia from Bale! :)

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